Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Play Inspiration - BUBBLES!

After almost a year of being away, we're back and re-installing some features on this blog we though were successful and helpful to our readers in the past. One of these features is publishing round-ups of ideas on certain themes collected through our Share & Play Wednesday on Facebook

For this week, and since summer is here once again, we asked our Facebook friends to SHOW US SOME BUBBLES! And we got plenty of awesome play and learning ideas! Check them out:

Dish Soap Foam by Dirt and Boogers

Bubble Song by Mama Smiles

Dancing Pasta by Mama Smiles

Happiness is... bubbles! by Go Kid Yourself

Rainbow Bubble Painting by Mom to 2 Posh Divas

Outdoor Kit by Famiglia&Seoul

Chasing the Bubbles by Taming the Goblin

Bubble painting turned windsocket by Taming the Goblin

Rainbow Bubble Bath by Growing a Jeweled Rose

Bubble Bath Spray Painting by Growing a Jeweled Rose

Making Bubble Wands by Happy Whimsical Hearts

Glowing Bubbles by Growing a Jeweled Rose

Bubbling Concoctions by Growing a Jeweled Rose

Colored Bubbles by Rainy Day Mom

Soap Water Bucket by hands on: as we grow

Dish Soap Foam by hands on: as we grow

For more summer play inspiration check out earlier round up posts with play ideas with natural mediums:

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