Thursday, June 30, 2011

Homemade Toys for Toddlers - Write and Wipe Book of Shape Monsters

Most of the kids like monsters, specially if they are cute and harmless! :) This simple mini book is created for those toddlers (mine included) and it's meant to assist them in recognizing simple shapes in fun and easy way.

Here are the samples of few shape monsters my daughter did when she was 2 year old:

I've just created 2 more of these books to be sent out as gifts and here is how they look put together:

What you'll need to make these simple write & wipe monster books:
- printable (linked just bellow)
- 3 sheets of paper
- printer
- hole puncher
- page binding rings or pipe cleaners (I was out of page binding rings)

Simply print out, laminate, cut out pages, punch holes on the top and bind together using metal rings or pipe cleaners. Give your child dry erase marker to make their own shape monsters! In process, teach them each of the shapes! ;) Mixing learning and fun! :)

Book of Shape Monsters

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  1. This looks like such fun! I will have to try it with JDaniel.

  2. Yes it is! :) I had it printed and given away to some kids ranging from 2-5 at one birthday party last year! They all sat and draw their own monsters! And they were all so different. It was much fun to see how perception of face changes from year to another year! 2 year old barely had any details, only basic eyes, and extremes. While 5 year old's drawings were much detailed and elaborated! :)

  3. Cute idea! My son is 4, and I think he would love something like this. I like that they are reusable because they're laminated.

  4. Really nice write and wipe home-made toys! These will surely keep your little one busy and will free your hands to do other tasks at home. These will also help a child recognize basic shapes and lines. Good for introducing pencil-handling :)

  5. Lovely idea!! I'm sure my kids will love this!!

    Btw, the Scotch laminator can be bought at Target or Walmart for right over $20 everyday.


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