Saturday, July 21, 2012

DIY Toys - Wrapping paper memory cards

One of my girl's birthday presents came in nice, colorful wrapping paper. It was shame to throw away so I've decided to cut out pictures (images) and make a couple of memory / concentration games of it.

This is how it turned out:

This picture shows 4 sets - I have glued and laminated each of the sets on different color of construction paper for easier managing of sets.

These are really simple to make. This is what you need:
- wrapping paper with colorful pattern
- glue (if you're not laminating) or double side tape (if you decide to laminate)
- laminator(optional) and laminating pouches

You cut out the images, pick two of each image for one memory game set, glue them or tape them on construction paper and laminate of you wish.

We have left one of these sets at home and gave away 3 of them to our day care center.

Note: This post is re-published from 2nd blog which I'm closing down as soon as all interesting bits and pieces are moved here since I don't have time to keep 2 similar blogs updated.
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