Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Homemade Toys for Toddlers - Felt Board Play Sets DIY & Inspiration

After we covered some basic no-sew homemade felt boards you can easily create for your toddlers, it's time to look around for an inspiration how to create felt pieces for play sets to stick on those boards! :) This will be a pretty long post because I ended up finding so many really brilliant, simple to recreate ideas you can easily do yourself simply using felt sheets, scissors and, in some cases, craft glue or glue gun.

Let's start with 2 ideas from Kids Matter used for learning colors (what makes them perfect for tiny tots):

(no-sewing at all and you will find template following the link!)

(also includes templates)

Next we have couple easy no-sew felt projects from Serving Pink Lemonade:

(can be used for matching, collages, sorting, creating images, etc.)

(link includes templates)

(used with google eyes and other small crafty items)

(perfect for Halloween!)

Than we have this easy matching and recreating from Along the way perfect for St.Patrick's Day:

And one more really great learning game for Halloween from the Crafting Chicks:

Learning about body parts can be really fun with this mix-and-match game from

Next are 2 easy cut and play felt projects from the Artful Parent:

Speaking of an inspiration... I want to introduce to you Etsy store with an assortment of educational toys created from felt and perfect for toddlers and preschoolers:  

Felty fun is run by a parent who also happens to be an elementary educator - Janice, and these two things combined have resulted with an inspiration for toys in her store as well as for posts on her blog. All of the items in this store are created with fun and learning in mind: they are colorful and bright (that's fun for little ones!) and at the same time, they are wonderful for sensory play, development of fine motor skills and other early concepts and skills (color matching, sizing, counting, etc.).

And now for the fun part! :)

Janice has agreed to sponsor a giveaway on our blog! Yay!
You can take a look at her shop:
and pick the item you would love to have!
Come back here on Sunday 
when we'll start with a giveaway and you can share with us your favorite item from the store
Who knows... maybe you'll be the lucky winner?! :)

Have you found any felt project you like? Will you try to make it yourself? Or you maybe have done another one you think would fit perfectly to our list? Please, share with us your ideas, posts and any other related bits of thoughts by leaving a comment! :)

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring us!

  2. You're welcome Jeanine. Your blog (Serving Pink Lemonade) is full of really creative and inspirational ideas! Love it! :)

  3. I donot know why i havent added felt to our play! Your post makes me inspired to try some:) Thanks for all the ideas!

  4. Glad you found it inspirational Roopa! :) I've got some cutting to do too! ;)

  5. So sweet! I used to love felt play in the classroom! I need to get creating for my little one at home! Thanks for the inspiration!! :)


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