Thursday, July 28, 2011

Homemade Toys for Toddlers - Easy Book of Mazes Plus Extras

As your toddler turns 3, he / she is ready to work on some simple mazes that will help with problem solving but also with writing skills - tracing the paths are great early exercises for writing. This post holds couple ideas how to have fun with mazes: creating reusable book of mazes (wipe and write books), links to simple mazes online, plus links to couple ideas how to make 3D mazes!

To create write and wipe book of mazes you will need:
- binder
- protective sheets
- dry erase markers
- printable mazes (links further down in this post)

Simply print mazes, place them inside protective sheets and into a binder and give child some dry erase markers to trace the paths. Wipe with clean cloth.

If you have a laminator, you could also laminate all the pages and turn them into book with some key rings like explained in the post at Ten Kids and a Dog.

Links to simple printable mazes online: (scroll down) (it's listed by themes)

Few other fun ideas with mazes from around the web:

Maze inside CD case from No Time for Flash Cards

CD case fimo mazes by Bloesem Kids

Pinball / marble maze from Irresistable Ideas for Play Based Learning

Marbe-lous Maze by

How you can save some money: 
Use pages with mazes from kid's magazines, activity books and coloring books! Either cut them out and place them into protective sheets to make them reusable, or scan and print them before placing them into protective sheets! This will be great money saver if you have more than one kid! Than you can use same mazes to place into each of their Books of mazes!

Few easy activity book recommendations you can use and reuse as suggested in this post:

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  1. Great round up of ideas there! Thank you for all you do ;-) and Thank you for linking this post up to The Sunday Showcase!


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