Monday, August 18, 2014

BIG NEWS! Best Toys for Toddlers has MOVED!

Hello everyone!
Today we have some big news to share with you!
We just published live a new site on our own domain: Best Toys for Toddlers

We used an opportunity to completely change our online visual presentation, so now you will often see this around:

best toys for toddlers
Best Toys for Toddlers
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Sharing is Caring! 101 Dalmatian Preschool Printable pack

We reached another milestone: Best Toys for Toddlers just hit 2,000 followers mark on Facebook! 

Time to CELEBRATE! Read on to the bottom....

We would like to share with all of our Facebook followers who are interested 

*** 101 Dalmatians preschool pack printable ***

Pack contains following printables with instructions:

- count the puppies clipping cards 1-10
- count the spots worksheet 1-10
- uppercase and lowercase letter matching cards
- tracing strips
- letter D and d sorting mat
- color the ball worksheet
- roll the puzzle game
- catch the ball board game
- bottle cap matching game
- match the shadow printable

- board game

Total 25 pages!
Since SHARING IS CARING and we would like to share it with as many people as possible, tag 5 friends in comment you think might like this too (other parents and caregivers) OR share the post on your own page, then message us your mail address through Facebook where we can send printable pdf file (25 pages!).

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best toys for toddlers
Best Toys for Toddlers
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Saturday, August 2, 2014

One minute craft - Easy finger puppets

Not much is needed to make fun and simple oobi puppets for your kids. Eye finger puppet will not be an original but kids will love to play with it just the same. This eye finger puppet craft for kids can be set up in a minute, can be created individually by kids who are at least 3 years old, or you can make these for younger kids in a minute.

What you'll need: some white buttons and chenille stems.

You can cut chenille stem in at least 3 pieces and you'll have 3 sets of Oobi eye pupets. Instructions are easy enough: just put one side of chenille stem through both button holes and secure by twisting, then do the same with the other side of chenille stem. Show your kids how to do it, then let them do it themselves.

Oobi puppet craft

And now, play time!

For those, who would like an originals, there is a pack of 12 oobi puppets, or even larger ones you can use as a party favor:

best toys for toddlers
Best Toys for Toddlers
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Green Kids Smart Kids: Toilet paper roll sea and water creatures {round-up}

Starting today, we'll have a weekly post with round-up of links featuring different types of crafts, activities and other projects aimed towards growing Green Kids Smart Kids.

This week we are sharing different crafts from toilet paper roll cardboard inserts where kids can transform them into different water and sea animals! Perfect for summer crafts, plus it's cheap and from materials we all have at hand!

Let's start with some FROGS

Toilet paper roll, scraps of construction paper and some green paint are needed for this easy frog craft from Busy Bee

Printer for a template, toilet paper roll, scissors and a glue should be at hand for this printable frog craft from DLTK - kids. And another version of the same craft can be found here.

You can also try this frog craft found on

Next, few HIPPO crafts from toilet paper rolls... has 2 versions of printable hippo crafts using toilet paper rolls, template, scissors and glue: version 1 and version 2 (coloring pencils optional).

And, there are always the cutest creatures, like these OCTOPUSES:

Simple and lovely dotted octopus creating using scissors, some paint and googly eyes can be found at Laughing kids learn.

Even easier version of an octopus can be found at Untrained Housewife blog along with some other toilet paper roll crafts.

And a bit more demanding crafting creating an awesome octopus from

Here are several FISH crafts....

Simple fish crafted from toilet paper roll and paper plate found at Meaningful Mama.

And awesome but a bit harder to craft Japanese flying carp craft from toilet paper rolls from Squirrely minds.

At the end, Alex toys has created this lovely craft kit with ocean animals you can purchase at

best toys for toddlers
Best Toys for Toddlers
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