Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Great Online Resources:

For anyone looking for ideas to keep toddlers and preschoolers busy, having fun and learning in process, is valuable resource not to miss out! Site has been created by Shelley Lovett who has been working as child care provider and pre-K teacher for past 16 years. She has been putting her knowledge into creating resources teachers, parents and any other child care providers can use.

This site features developmentally appropriate hands-on learning activities for pre-k and kindergarten children. On the site you can find file folder games, flip books, matching games, lacing cards, felt board ideas, learning sheets, craft projects, video teaching tips, flash learning pages, teaching ideas and so much more!

Many of resources on the site are for sale (not even expensive!), Shelley shares on her site free resources including free printables, daily free printables and daily free learning sheets.

We have used number of her printables in the past and little one loves them! Thanks Shelley for creating and sharing them! :)

Head on to and look around! You'll surely find something that suits you! And, while you're there... don't forget to bookmark this valuable resource! :)

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