Thursday, June 16, 2011

Homemade Toys for Toddlers - Crepe Paper Dance Streamer Ring

Sometimes you need a quick new toy for your toddlers to occupy them, to make them move and burn all that extra energy they appear to have! You know, at the moments when all the old toys "are boooring"!

Usually, if you take a look around your home, you can find some supply to make simple toys that literally don't cost a thing! This happened to be one of those moments in our home. 

So, I've grabbed some supplies from home (on the picture):
- crepe paper in different colors (I had red, purple and gold on stock),
- plastic ring from baby gym
- scissors and stampler

Make 2 step easy ring dance steamer. 
PS. Took me under 5 minutes! :)))

Step 1:
Cut the crepe paper in stripes. (Tip: Crepe paper is very thin so you can cut it folded. It will also be much narrower than cutting it unfolded.)

Step 2:
Stample ribbons to the ring as shown on the picture. (Tip: If you don't have plastic rings like shown on the picture, make rings from thicker cardboard, wrap crepe paper ribbons around and stample.)

That's it!

Time to dance, run and so much more!

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  1. Oh! How cute?? Ella will love this! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh I bet that is fun! Great idea for a fun toy! Please come link up to It's Playtime!

  3. This is a super cute activity! My daughter would LOVE this!

  4. Inexpensive and fun - looks like a good summer project for my class of toddlers!

  5. I know my son will love this funky addition to our dance parties!

  6. My daughter loves to dance and make things. Perfect combination for a summer project soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Great to see this idea being spread to parents. I use these 'streamer' ideas all the time when I'm out singing with children.

    The same idea can be 'translated' to use with curling ribbon 'streamers' should you have spools of that on hand and are out of the crepe paper.

    I would suggest that you make a set of two streamers for each child in the dance party. That way they can REALLY 'cross their midline' and be assured of developing all sorts of bi-lateral movements!

    (Popped in from WeTeach)

  8. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  9. This will surly make the dance much more interesting and fun to do.....Thanks for sharing the idea.


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