Monday, June 13, 2011

Best Summer Toys for Toddlers - 5 Backyard Summer Essentials

Toddlers love to play in water and summer is just the right time of the year to let them enjoy sensation of water play fully. From sprinkling to pouring and spilling, water is wonderful medium for little ones to learn about nature and things like what floats and which items will sink, pouring water from one container to another is great for motor skill practicing but also plain fun!

If you have a backyard, there are couple basic items to have around to make summer a blast for toddlers:

1. Sun & Shade Pool - although it's fun playing with water, it's a good thing to consider getting a pool that has sun shade attached to prevent kids from getting sun burns. This still doesn't mean that kids shouldn't stay away from the sun at the noon time when temperatures are at highest point, or that they don't need sun cream! :)

2.Water Play Table filled with plain water or adding bubbles inside, either way toddlers will spend hours playing with it. You can turn it into practical life lesson by adding some sponges and letting them wash dishes, or washing their dolls, or even washing doll cloths. Keep it in the shades to keep kids safe.

3.Sandbox is wonderful to have around. Sand is great natural sensory tool with it's texture and it's ability to change it's shape and structure when you add some water to it. There are many available versions of sandbox around but which ever you choose, it would be good to pick a one with a lid so you don't have to replace sand too often.

4. Sprinklers are another fun thing to have around the backyard! They are great as a fast way to cool toddlers down in a fun way. They will make kids burn some access energy by running around screaming... yeah, screaming comes with a toy ;) They come in different shapes and sizes and you can pick the one that fits you the most from:

5. Bubbles! Ah, there is no need to go into any additional explanation about this one! My girl is crazy about bubbles and surely your kids are too! Either it's her who makes them or we do, she loves to chase them around! :) Now, there are bubbles... and there are monster bubbles! :

These are only few basic summer toys to have around your toddlers in approaching summer days!

Hope you'll have loads of sun, water and sand fun! 

best toys for toddlers
Best Toys for Toddlers
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  1. We have all these toys, and they are a definite must! We also stock up on lots of buckets, scoops, shovels, etc. I find a lot of toys for cheap even at the dollar store or dollar section at Target (sand pails, etc).

  2. Ohh!! We have a couple of those toys but we need the rest of them. Thanks for the post! Love it!


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