Sunday, July 10, 2011

Win Toys for Tots! And winner!

Here you'll find a links to open giveaways for toys (and books) for toddlers and preschool aged kids. We'll try to list giveaways that are both age appropriate and with low entries so you have bigger chance to win!

Here is our pick of open giveaways for this week(we listed info about the toy / book, blog running the giveaway and end date):

Bob Books hosted by Mom to 2 Posh Little Divas (7/21)

Discovery Bay Games hosted by Beautifully Bella Faith (7/24)

Crayon wallet hosted by Magical Memories (7/26)

Busy bugs Learning Set hosted by Children Teaching Mama (7/25)

Powercape hosted by Life With 2 Boys (7/28)

And last thing we need to do is pronounce a winner for a giveaway that ended yesterday.

Congratulations Lauralee! Hope your kids will have fun tracing and coloring these thank you cards! :)


  1. Great! This is a perfect venue to let the world know about Toy sales! Thanks for your initiative!

  2. Thanks for information about this giveaway. The crayon wallet sounds interesting.


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