Monday, November 1, 2010

Theme of the week - Messy Play

With Autumn outside, more and more time toddlers spend inside playing and feeling bored too! ;) And, although we as parents would love to keep our homes clean and perfect, sometimes we must allow them to get a bit dirty!

Messy gams are great for kids - for their imagination, for experiencing new medias, for sensory development!

Here are couple ideas for messy play:

Shaving Cream is really vertisile and fun media for kids - you can use it for arts, letter recognition games and so much more!

Mud pies - yes, you can make them inside too! Just clean up your bathroom afterwards! ;)

If your toddlers enjoy in any kind of messy play - with toys, art supplies, craft supplies or any other kind, make sure to come back this Friday and show us what you did and how! Just make sure to enter our weekly Fun with toddlers linky party!

Now, go and make some mess!

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