Friday, November 5, 2010

Fun with toddlers linky party - Messy play!

Have you been messing around with some paints, crafts, toys this week? If you had a mess all around your home, this is the place to link and show us!

This week's theme: Messy play!

So, anything messy you've been up to with your kids, show us! :)

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Best toys for toddlers

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  1. This week's preschool theme was oil. One project we did was to dye cooking oil with food coloring, then pour some of it into a dish of water to make oily globs on the surface. Then we laid a sheet of card stock on top and it absorbed the colored oil. The effect was beautiful, and surprisingly, the project didn't turn out to be that messy after all. (See the "painting with oil" link above.)


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