Monday, September 6, 2010

How to? Reviewing single toy.

It is hard to make a review. At least a good review. I know that. :) 

First of all, it's hard to pick a toy! Currently there are thousends of toys available on market! How to choose? Which one to review?! 

Start slow. Start at your home. Start with your toddler. 

Check what your toddler does with a toy? How he/she plays with it? What it's used for? 

You know already how the toy should be used. You read all the descriptions from the box when you purchased it. But I know your toddler found another and another way to use it! 

Is it simple puzzle? I have seen my little girl playing mom, dad and baby with her bear puzzles! 

Is it set of building cubes? In a moment it can be turned into pretend play with plastic animals and turned into a zoo! 

Every toy, in hands of your toddler can be transformed to something creators of that toy never thought of. You know why? Toys are built by adults. But the creativity and inocence of little learners can change those toys to unlimited creations. 

And that's what good review should have. Something beyond ordinary. Something personal. Something creative. And, variable is: your toddler!

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