Saturday, August 28, 2010

Parents = Toy Experts. Meet Aysha from Add More Color

Introduce Aysha to us - who are you online and offline and what's your connection with toddlers?

Firstly Michelle, I would like to thank you for having me interview at your blog. Since I consider you one of my many mentors who helped me ease into this online world, this is truly an honor.
Aysha online… Well I do a lot online. I write on Squidoo, and maintain 2 blogs. I also have a Zazzle store, Add More Color that has many customizable products that are inspired by the beauty of Nature.
Wonderful Gifts for Wonderful People is my main blog where I share gift ideas for all ages and all occasions through either suggestions or product review. I write about my online writing journey at my blog, Journey of this Online Writer Mum.
I also do some freelance writing, ghostwriting and article marketing.
Here is where you can find me online.

Aysha offline…well that is something I myself am figuring out…J. Let me try
I am a mom to a preschooler and a wife who lives in California. I am originally from Singapore so I guess I spend a lot of time trying to blend my culture into the American lifestyle. I believe that education must start at a young age and that we must be happy in our mind to be happy with our life! Also, that there must be a balance to everything. Moderation is the key to everything.
My connections with toddlers…
Well I am raising one right now. Also I am the eldest grandchild on my mum’s side, so guess who has babysitting (or baby entertaining) experience since she was 9? Well, all these have given me ample opportunities to interact and entertain many of my cousins when they were toddlers. We used to find interesting activities to enjoy together as kids. Right now, without the extended family, it is up to me to give my kid an enriched and fun day every day!
This has helped me think out of the box and find interesting ways to make playtime with toys more wholesome.
What you pick to write about? How you choose which toys / books you want to review?
I normally write about toys and books that are exceptionally good and stand out from the usual. I also tend to write about the toy or book if I can see additional creative ways to incorporating some learning while playing with the said toy or book. Learning isn’t a chore and could be subtly incorporated while the kid is playing. There is no need to keep them separate. Not all the time at least. So if I know a toy that does that, then I try write about it.
What were your boy's favorite games, toys and activities this summer?
This summer, his favorite toy was this Melissa and Doug Swivel Bridge Train Set. This is an interesting train set as they can set it up in many ways. You could read my entire review at my blog. He also loved to play with bubbles and his new bike (now that made him feel like a big boy).
Is there a toy you would recommend to every parent for their toddlers?
Well I recommend all the toys that I have written about thus far. They are all such great toys I couldn’t possibly just choose 1. Basically I would recommend getting a toy that suits their taste and your needs.
Soon summer will be over and autumn is fast approaching. That means less outdoor play and more indoor. What you like to play with the most inside?
I like to play with interactive toy sets or educational toys whilst being stuck indoors. That way, we could enjoy some together time at home and not feel stuck and bored. Parents should spend some time bonding with their children for so many reasons. Firstly, it helps strengthen their relationship with the child. Also it helps create some fond memories and parents could pass on their knowledge,family traditions and many important morals and facts during this together playtime. Make the best use of the time that you have to spend indoor by turning it into some quality playtime.

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