Sunday, August 8, 2010

News Flash - Friday for Fans on Facebook expanded to this blog!

If you follow the Best Toys for Toddlers on Facebook, you might notice that we have day specialy dedicated for our followers. We call it Friday for Fans! Each Friday we ask our followers to share something with us (blog links, experiences as parents, playtime with toddlers, twitter names, etc.) and we try to make it fun with cartoons, songs and nursery rhymes.

Starting next Friday, August 13th, we'll introduce linky party here to match the theme. We're inviting everyone who blogs about toddlers, toys, playtime or fun time with toddlers, to show us their best posts!

And, we don't want to see just playing with bought toys! We want creativity! Crafts, homemade games, repurposed stuff, what ever your toddler plays with!

Be here next Friday and share with us!


  1. Sounds fabulous! Count me in!

    Maggy (Red Ted Art)

  2. Sounds great! We do a lot of activities using homemade activities. It'll be great to see what others have to share, too!

    Counting Coconuts


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