Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to? Who can write a toy for toddler review?

This question has make me smile more than once. I have had some grandmas coming to me and saying: But we are not parents, we are grandmas! And my reaction was: Oh really, so your kids never were toddlers?
Spoiling Grandma sticker

It really doesn't matter that much are you parent or grandparent or even relative to a toddler. What matters is: Anyone who plays and spends time with toddlers can create a toy review!

As we mentioned in our earlier post: For good toy review, it's important to have personal experience with the toy you're about to review. That you played with toddler in your life, and watched them play with it on their own.

Personal is the word that matters the most. And yes, grandparents play with their grandkids. And yes, that makes them adequate to create a toy review. And yes, they are the toy experts.

Image credits: Spoiling Grandma by pinkinkart

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