Saturday, July 3, 2010

How to? Choosing the right toy for review!

You have come up with an idea to make a toy review. Wonderful! Only thing is... which toy to pick for review?

These days our kids really have variety of toys at their disposal. Wooden, plastic, handmade, bought, with batteries, without batteries, educational, purely fun, indoor, ourdoor, etc. How to choose among all of those toys which toy would be good for review?

There are several things that can be of real help when you try to make this decision:

1. It would be really great if you already own that toy. This would give you credibility in your own description of the toy. Although you can make a whole article about the toy you have put on your wish list, some features are hard to describe correctly and truthfully, unless you really tested toy in real life situations. And it went through all different type of play in the hands of your toddler. For instance, picture can't really tell you if the toy is durable or not. Will it break if your toddler sits on that toy? Will it leave color marks if spilt with water?

2. Make your very first review about the toy your toddler absolutely adores! Simpy because of the fact that he/she loves to play with that toy in all the different ways, you'll have lots of material for your review.

3. Think of all the ways you can help other parents who are looking for certain information about adequate toys. You know yourself when you buy a toy; you think about certain things like: is this toy age appropriate for toddlers, is it engaging enough, sturdy and durable, can it be used for some other type of play than described on the box, etc.

Simplified: use what you know from real life and make a toy review to help other parents make a decision about suitability of toy for their toddlers.

(And you can check more thorough guide for making a toy review in How to Make a Great Toy Review)

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