Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY Toys - Ride Around Playmat

Today, I've finished a little city playmat I've created with piece of cardboard covered with green paper and some tape over the edges. I've used some letter shapes from makelearningfun.com for roads. And we added our wooden blocks for garage and buildings. :)

Here is the pictures of how it turned out:

Oh yes, those pom-poms are really snow and she's using mini snow plough to move them away from the road ;)

Note: This post is re-published from 2nd blog which I'm closing down as soon as all interesting bits and pieces are moved here since I don't have time to keep 2 similar blogs updated.

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  1. That's very creative. It does'nt even look like it was made from a cardboard. The colors are perfect too, very vibrant.


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