Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Play Inspiration - Play with Water

Well, have you noticed already? Summer is here! Maybe not according to calendar but air temperatures are high and it's time to spend as much, as possible, time outside playing and exploring all the natural wonders around us!

We have started last Wednesday new Share and Play Feature on our Facebook page asking parents, bloggers and educators to share with us ideas for playtime with water! 

And here are their inspirational ideas how to take the most of this wonderful weather and learn outside in fun and cooling way :) Take a look and have fun playing with your toddlers!

TinkerLab shared this post for painting with water. Really simple idea and not much preparation is needed and yet it will be fun for little ones:

Elle Belle's Bows has been enjoying with her daughter soap gritting and then mixing it with water. Wonderful practical life exercise as well and great for fine motor skills:

Sun Hats & Wellie Boots really had a lot of fun doing their chores outside - from washing dishes to cloths and putting it up for drying. Also many other water play ideas can be found in this post:

There has been a real water balloon fight over at Paint Cut Paste! Ah, don't think there is a single child who wouldn't love doing this in their backyard! 

Another idea from the same blog is creating little artworks using spray painting:

And you can always decide that it's your child's favorite doll's bath time! Living Montessori Now shares few tips what to use and how:

But! You don't have to stop at dolls! Take your plush toys and give them a bath too! Here is how Creatiivty My Passion linked this activity with book Troubles with Bubbles:

You can turn it into educational moment with tactile table suggested by the Seeds Network. And hey, it includes ping pong balls! How fun is that?! 

Over at Leptir Montessori Blog, you can find really well explained post about doing sink-float activities for preschoolers and toddlers:

And New Hope International Preschool used water to put out the fire as a part of learning about community helpers. One of children't favorite: firefighters! :)

Few more suggestions include (hope these ladies will once put it into posts!:)...

Make a "water day" - add some dish soap to the water table! Give toys a bubble bath, blew bubbles, hunted for items hidden amidst the bubbles, etc. Painted with water on easles set up outside - add a few drops of food coloring for some color and you'll get an effect of beautiful soft colors! (Mom to 2 Posh Little Divas)

De-freezing animals! Freeze little animals and bugs in water. Put them in sensory tubs and give kids cups of colored water, droppers, a turkey baster, and medicine syringes, plus some rock salt, and then let kids explore the science of change. They can add colored water and the salt to the ice and watched it melt. They can keep going until they are able to retrieve the treasures. (Messy Kids)

Hope these ideas will make you as inspired as they did me to put them into a post here! :)

Stop by next Wednesday at our Facebook page for new set of great play and share ideas... we'll have a new theme connected with summer! :)

And, if you have more ideas (other than these listed here), please share them by leaving comment bellow! :)

Now, off to play with water!!!

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