Friday, June 3, 2011

Crafts & Inspiration: Felt Spaghetti with Meat Balls

As I was searching the web last couple days while collecting all the no-sewing felt food tutorials, I've felt inspired to make at least the simplest felt food craft of them all - Felt Spaghetti! :) 

This is a simple pictured step-by-step tutorial to make your own felt spaghetti with meat balls... and I added one simple trick for all of those who don't have any felt around the house and still would like to make this play food set for their kids... here we go...

Felt Spaghetti: 

Step 1. Get your felt sheet, ruler, pen and scissors on the table! 

Step 2. Use ruler and pen to mark where you'll cut the spaghetti. I've marked them to be 1 cm wide. Haven't had any textile pen so I've used ordinary tip felt pen... 

Step 3. Use scissors to cut the spaghetti stripes using marked dots....

Step 4. YOU'RE DONE! See? It's that simple... Serve some pasta for lunch and enjoy! Now go and make more spaghetti ;) 

Cotton T-shirt Spaghetti:

You probably have a cotton T-shirt around your house that is stained or colored or what ever misfortune thing happened so you can't ware it in public any more? Well, get it out on the table! Use all of the steps from felt spaghetti (just above) to make spaghetti out of the cotton shirt! You'll end up with something like shown on the picture (after adding our meat balls ;)

You can't really notice much of difference, right? And those are still play spaghetti! Only with something you have on hand! :)

Meat balls

Step 1. Get your supplies ready. You'll need some brown yarn (recycled) and scissors. That's it!

Step 2. I don't use cardboard rings to make yarn pom poms but you can find tutorial using it here. I simply use thing I have on hand... my own fingers! ;) Just wrap the yarn around 2 fingers.

Step 3. Gently pull the yarn off the fingers trying to keep the shape. Use another cut yarn thread to tie around the circle. 

Step 4. Splat the ball on the opposite side of the tied middle like on the picture.

Step 5. Cut out the extra yarn in circle as long as you don't  get the size you like.

Step 6. Ta-Da! You now have meat balls! :)))

It's a lunch time.... 

Here are both plates. On the left you can see felt spaghetti with meat balls and on the right is the plate with cotton shirt spaghetti with meat balls. Which one you like better?


  1. That is genius! I love this.

  2. What a fun idea- great for playing kitchen or restaurant! Thanks for sharing it at The Sunday Showcase.
    Aimee @ Classified: Mom

  3. Thanks Aimee for stopping by and commenting. Glad you like it. :)


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