Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Best Toys for Toddlers - Aquadoodle Travel N'Doodle

You have probably seen (if you already don't have it at home) Aquadoodle mats. Simple idea behind this toy is really awesome - these mats provide fun in a clean and no-messy way, and in same time, they are wonderful learning tools for toddlers and preschoolers. Since Aquadoodle mats don't have any unsecured parts and they are "operated" solely on water base, this makes them safe for even small kids from 18 months and up. Although producer's recommendation says 3+, I would still encourage parents to give this to even smaller kids because, unlike other art supplies, they are purely water based and don't contain any damaging colors.

For this post we have picked Aquadoodle Travel N' Doodle portable mat. Reason is pretty simple - we have it at home and we LOVE it!

Few basic information:

Aquadoodle Travel N'Doodle comes with folded, portable, easy-to-carry for little hands mat. It includes one mat and one water pen you can attach inside the mat. It has no-stick surface from the outside, easy to clean and appropriate for any surface. And, most importantly for many parents - no batteries! So, this toy provides easy, clean and silent time fun! :)

What we love about this toy and how we play with it:

1. Perfect travel toy. Since it's perfectly sized for little ones, it's a wonderful toy to carry if you're going some place that includes longer waiting, like doctor's office. Also, it's size makes it perfect for travelling and it will occupy toddlers and preschoolers for some time. Specially if you ask them to draw things they see through the window! ;)

2. No stains! As we all know, every once in a while, toddlers will be tempted to draw on the walls, floors or any other surface they see! Cleaning color stains can be a real pain! Yeah, been there, done that! :) With this toy, there is no fuss and no fear of stains. Based purely on water, trails it leave on your wall will vanish as it dries out. Great thing for any parent! :)

3. Reusable. Aquadoodle is created from fabric and you write with water. As time passes, pictures fade and you've got clean canvass to write & draw all over again. Being reusable over and over is another great feature of this toy.

4. Silent time. This toy is great pick for silent time activities. Not operated by batteries, it can be carried and used when ever you know you'll need to occupy your toddlers without them making noise.

5. Free play. And yes, my 3 year old loves drawing and writing on her Aquadoodle mat. Mostly she starts with free play, drawing what ever comes to her mind or writing letters she knows. As time passes, she often asks to write for her a word and she would trace it as original word vanishes. For now we're doing mostly simple words like mom, dad and her own name.

6. Educational tool. As mentioned above, Aquadoodle mats are perfect for teaching toddlers to draw shapes or more complex images as well as writing letters and numbers. You can use it on daily basis and have your child trace letters after you. It's important that you show them how to write letters by example (on most letters rules for writing lines are: from top to bottom and from left to right) so they learn writing their letters properly from the beginning. Preschool teachers will appreciate this ;)

7. Easy cleaning. It's made of easy to clean waterproof fabric from outside so you can simply wipe it off. 

You can see and purchase this and other Aquadoodle mats on Amazon:

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Your tot will love this toy! 

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