Sunday, April 17, 2011

Very Beary Birthday Party! April 18 - 30

Welcome to birthday party for our very beary mascot friend. Almost a year ago, on May 1st, we asked our friends and followers to help us name our mascot and in a way, help us celebrate his birthday. Name we ended up with was Curly Melvin. Yeah, cute... and funny! :)

To make it short, this is what the Best Toys for Toddlers Club is about:

Helping parents raise the quality of playtime with their toddlers. 
This Club is open to reviews and experiences in developing creativity, 
motor skills and social structure 
for our inquisitive toddlers – specifically through playtime. 
It's not just about the newest toy... 
it's about sneaking education into your kid's playtime.

Parents know: Playing is serious business!

In the last year, over 130 toy recommendations has been created using our Club's front page, and many of them are really, really good. They are created in a personal way, with lots of love for kids. And we want to thank every single caregiver who joined us and shared their tips for their kids favorite toys. Your tips help us use old toys in new, fun ways. Thank you for that!

Next two weeks we're going to celebrate! We've prepared few giveaways and few freebies to share with all of you. It will be a great party and you're all invited to join in! :) We start tomorrow so come back to celebrate with us! 

And today, we start celebration of 
Curly Melvin's beary birthday with a song:

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