Monday, November 15, 2010

Theme of the week - Favorite Cartoons!

This week we'll share here, on Facebook and Twitter about our toddler's favorite cartoons - and related toys, games, activities, crafts, books, etc!

So, stop by this Friday for another themed linky and shared with us story about your child's favorite cartoons!

My girl's favorite is Dora the Explorer. We have Dora's backpack she's always carrying around with her:

As a result of my girl's never ending adoration ;) I have created a number of activities to place into that little backpack! Now we have workbox aka workbag - all about Dora! See for yourself:

You can see what exactly is inside if you visit: Dora the Explorer Backpack, a parent's review.

Now, what's your toddler's favoorite cartoon? Share with us how you play!

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