Sunday, August 15, 2010

Parents = Toy Experts. Meet Allison from No Time for Flash Cards

No Time For Flash Cards
Few words about Allie - offline and online.

I am a pretty average mom, trying to keep my 3 year old busy, happy and from driving me to the mad house bewteen nursing my newborn daughter. Working with and understanding kids has always been a passion and I don't know if i could do anything else with my life. I tried working in an office and all I did was plan ways to get out. 

Online I think I try hard to come across as myself. My blog is really my professional space, facebook is a great way to connect with readers while still staying on "topic" kids, learning, families... and Twitter is plain old Allie. Just me being me , although I still try to link to relevant early childhood links between rantings about bad TV and chatting with friends. 

How you came up with an idea for No Time for Flash Cards blog? Was it like this format the start or you had something different in mind when you started?

My son was about a year old when I started feeling like I should contribute. I know intellectually that I was contributing to my family, from a practical perspective ( childcare) to one that you can't itemize like my son's attachment, security and simply having the pleasure of being with him. I still felt weird not doing anything career related. So when friends kept asking me about activities to do with their kids, I decided I was going to start putting my knowledge base to use. 

The blog has always been basically how it is now, just less organized ... which is still a struggle, my mind is not linear . 

Is this your first blog? Do you have some other? Or some other online presence?

No Time For Flash Cards isn't my first blog , but it is my first public one. I had a little family one prior to No Time For Flash Cards. I also blog at as one of their parent bloggers. I do some crafts, book reviews , short articles and link to other crafty blogs.  

How you come up with ideas for your blog? Where you find an inspiration?

It's a mix , sometimes I get inspired by a children's book, sometimes I sit down and have dedicated brainstorming time and sometimes I simply ask my son for an idea. I try not to repeat something I have seen on another blog or book - I know my ideas aren't necessarily 100% original  but I take immense pride in "thinking" them up myself. I never really got over that toddler " I will do it myself" stage , maybe that's why I understand 2 year olds so well.  

Purchased vs homemade toys? Why?

Both.  I think there is a place in kids lives for both. There are classic toys that are classic because they are such great products. Lego is a constant in our home and was in mine growing up too. It is such a great creative toy. This music stand we made has also been used a bajillion times and my son takes great pride in having made it. I think for me the only toys I don't kike are ones that do everything for the child. There is no creativity, no chance at imagination and I just don't see the fun in that. 

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