Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fun with toddlers - Letter recognition

I'm sorry to be a little late this week with our weekly linky party but some things happen that kept me away from computer last couple days. Now, I'm back and we can get back to having fun with our tots!

This week's theme is: Letter recognition. As I said on Monday's post, we shouldn't expect from our toddlers to know how to write letters without any errors. Or to write them at all. But we can slowly start introducing letters through games, crafts and different activities.

So, if you had fun recently with your toddlers and any kind of activities including letters, feel free to leave a link below!

And, for the end, quick reminder: our first giveaway is open until October 31st - On November 1st we'll pronounce a winner of $25 gift certificate for! You still have a day to enter! :)

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  1. My first time doing a linky, so I hope it worked OK. I like to use shaving cream for toddlers to practice their letters. It's fun, requires no writing utensil, and erases very easily.


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