Friday, July 25, 2014

Dora the Explorer backpack turned toddler's workbag {busy bag}

Ah, which little 2 or 3 year old doesn't want to be just like Dora the Explorer? Well, I haven't met many! And my 3 year old girl certainly doesn't fit in that category!

She was thrilled to receive Dora the Explorer backpack for a gift! She carries it around where ever she goes and always put some of her stuff in and take it out!

This is wonderful gift but also very convenient bag for little ones. And mommy loves it too!

What i like about this backpack is that it’s not too big for toddlers, it’s soft (made of plush) and it holds well. And, it can be washed like any other plush toy – on low temperature.

What my little girl loves about this backpack is: It’s Dora’s backpack! Well, that first! Than, after that, she loves that it has attached map and a little maze is painted on it (you can see it on the picture). She turned it into her own little magical backpack and puts her treasures inside. It’s like a little magic box, only not a box but a bag! :)

My 3 year old girl really loves her backpack. She brings it where ever she goes. Always changing what she’ll bring along but there are couple items that she always carry around like her mini baby doll and few mini cats. :)

Creating a Learning Opportunity with Dora the Explorer's Backpack! 

Turning Dora's backpack to toddler's workbox! Well, ok! Workbag!

And here is what we’ve got in our workbag:

- books: Dora’s Sweet Adventure: A Scratch & Sniff Board BookBaby Animals!  and Dora’s Lunch Box
memory cards
counting cards 1-10 with Dora the Explorer counters
- Dora the Explorer write and wipe activity book
Dora’s dominos (printed and laminated)
- 2 puzzles (printed and laminated)

Have one of these at home? Does your little one likes it? What goes inside? What kinds of treasures?

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