Thursday, July 12, 2012

Toddler playtime - Or is it chore? Fun with socks!

We had some work done today with girl's room. One of the things I decided to turn into playtime (and a chore she's not even aware of working out! ;) is organizing her socks.

First I asked from her to find and match pairs:

Then I've showed her how to make them flat and roll them. I did one, she did the rest:

3rd step was to put rolled pair of socks into an empty toilet paper roll:

And finally, place all the rolls filled with socks to a shoe box:

She did great! And wasn't even bored with it! ;) So, we worked on matching, sorting, rolling (fine motor skills) and patience!

For more ideas how to use toilet paper rolls for home organization, arts and crafts, visit How to Reuse Paper Rolls?

Note: This post is re-published from 2nd blog which I'm closing down as soon as all interesting bits and pieces are moved here since I don't have time to keep 2 similar blogs updated.

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