Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Great Online Resources: We Teach group

I think that the name and the motto that comes on top of this Ning community says pretty much all about what this group is about:

We Teach - a place for parents to learn, share, and grow

We Teach group has been founded by Amy, well know around the web for her parenting / educational blog

I've been membor of We Teach group for some time now. And although I have no formal degree in early years education, I'm very much interested in development of my own child. I love to find new information, new ways to play and learn in fun and interesting ways. And this is where this group is really a gold mine :) Loads of great ideas for each area of early education can be found and discussed inside safety of this group: from games and activities for fine and gross motor skills to math, literacy, crafts, arts, etc. And, since I'm among people who share my own interests, I have never ended up with no answer to any of my questions.

It's cozy, safe place for parents to really share about what they are interested about: their kids and all the ideas for raising them into social, well adopted and intelligent  adults.

Latest project that emerged from cooperation between Amy and over 30 active members of this group is We Teach Summertime Learning eBook. This fun and bursting with ideas ebook can be downloaded for free by all members of We Teach group. And it's only the 1st of many projects this amazing group will create in future, surely! :)

we teach summer ebook button

As I mentioned, this group is private but it only means that you have a safe place to discuss and share your ideas and questions with others! :) You can apply to join We Teach here! We'll be happy to see you there! :)

You can also follow We Teach on Facebook and on Twitter (members of the group use hashtag #weteach to share!!).

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