Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Little Pony Water WOW! Doodle Book - Prize we love!

Last year, in November, I've decided to enter a giveaway hosted by Ellen from Confessions of an Overworked Mom. It was about winning a really cool prize sponsored by Kidtoons and it included:
- My Little Pony Water WOW! Doodle Book
- Strawberry Shortcake Hasbro Mini Doll with DVD
- Sesame Subjects: My First Book About the Five Senses
- Care Bears: Helping Hearts
- bunch of temporary Kidtoons tattoos


Although my girl simply loves that little Strawberry Shortcake doll and movie that came with the doll, I would like to talk about My Little Pony Water WOW! Doodle Book. It's similar to Aquadoodle but it's not an Aquadoodle! It works on similar principle - you pour water inside a pen and use it to "draw" a picture. Difference is: in this Doodle Book, there is already a picture beneath and it looks kind of pale (you can barely see it). When you "draw" with water over it, colors become vivid and your child can see a picture in full color!

Now, what I like about this book? I like the fact that it occupied my 3 year old for full 2 hours while we were waiting at doctors office! (I have a thing: I give her new toys and books when we go to see a doctor because it never happened that we had to wait for less than 2 hours!)

And she uses it now on daily basis - she asks for it, sits down and draw for at least half an hour each day. :)

Now, few more things about this Doodle book. First, it's made of cardboard. Meaning, you can't simply pour water over it and let it flow down the pages. BUT, you can use this to your advance! When you give your child a book, give him / her a paper handkerchief. Explain extra water will ruin a book and she needs to make sure water is not leaking down the pages. Kind of like wiping a nose! We don't want it running all over our faces! ;)

Second, on top page you have number of "Do you see...?" / "Can you find...?" questions. Now, of course you can't expect your toddler to read and answer the questions. So, you'll have to do the reading for them. Let them hunt the answer by coloring. :)

Third, you can use this book for counting and color recognition. It will be fun for toddlers to color over an image to find out the real color of the object you questioned about!

Fourth, you can use this Doodle book for, kind of, "I spy challenge!". You can take turns with your toddler by challenging each other to find and color spied objects.

There are other Doodle Books available by same publisher so you can make a pick according to your child's preferences:

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