Monday, October 11, 2010

Theme of the week - Puppet play for toddlers!

Oh yes! Kids of all age, including toddlers love puppets! Either hand pupets, finger puppets, stick pupets, or any other kind. Does it really matter what a puppet is made from? Not to toddlers! And all of these puppets have great role in their development - they nurture creativity, interaction and develop language and social skills!

We'll start this week with 2 puppet themes, one of them is connected to a nursery rhyme and another with a book. All of these puppet plays and themes are shared by parents.

First we have nursery rhyme Itsy Bitsy Spider just in time for Halloween - this "review" and screen play along with printable puppets has been created by a teacher, now a homeschooling mom - Maureen from SpellOutLoud.

Second puppet play has been connected to a book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and it shows how a toddler can have so much fun learning colors and playing with puppets.

As usual, we'll have a linky this Friday where you can share your own puppets plays related to books, nursery rhymes or pure creativity and your own scripts. So, don't forget to stop by and share.

In mean time, share with us: do you like puppets? Do you play with them? What's your toddler's favorite?

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