Monday, September 13, 2010

Theme of the week - Cooking for Toddlers!

As you have probably noticed, in most parts of the world it's raining (or is about to rain)! Well, summer is at the end and we're more likely going to spend much more time inside than last couple months.

For this reason, next several months on the Best Toys for Toddlers will be all about toys for inside play. And we are starting with this week's theme: Cooking for Toddlers!

Meaning, all the blog posts, activities on Facebook, Twitter or on our Club's main page will be about cooking! We are talking about pretend play: restaurants, cooking food for mom and dad, crafts that create food or are food or kitchen related, activities and games of all sorts!

If you have a toy you would like to review, one that your toddlers loves to play with, head over to our Club's headquaters and create a page, a review of that toy. I've created a review of my toddler's favorite food toy to show you how it can look: Melissa & Doug's Cutting Food Box and you're all welcome to use Squidoo to show off your own favorite toys and share your experiences with other parents.

Just a quick note at the end: It's just the right time of the year to make a review, you know? Christmas is at the doors and many people are looking for just the right toys to place under the Christmas tree! :)

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