Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to? Toy is not only purchased toy!

Our toddlers (and kids in general) are very imaginative little creatures. They can turn just about everything around them in toys! It hasn't happened once that I've seen my little girl using my mobile phone or wipes and broom, or some other item we use in our home. By using them, they mostly imitate actions they saw their parents do. And by imitation they learn.

Not all things have to be expensive, or even purchased in a store. Your toddler can have tons of fun time with empty cardboard box or plastic bowls from your kitchen. Just hand it to them with some short explanation what it can be used for, and in no time, they will find even more ways to play with those items.

These toys are usually plain, but they do their work: They keep toddler's imagination working and developing.

Tell us, which "not-toy" your toddler loves the most?

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